Why guitarists should read biographies

Musical heroes

We all have our musical heroes.

Usually we discover them early on in our guitar playing experience.

Heroes can be a wonderful guiding light that give us something to aim for, and drive us on to take our guitar playing to greater heights.

Sometimes it’s our heroes that motivate us to take up guitar playing in the first place.

Musical heroes can also seem to be an alien breed though. This is particularly true when we view them through the lens of the ...

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Guitar vibrato and its importance

Unless you play nothing but straight-ahead jazz guitar, vibrato is important. 

Good well-defined vibrato brings life to a guitar solo and is a significant part of what gives a guitarist their ‘voice’.

Weak vibrato, or no vibrato at all, can leave a solo wanting.

Listen to a guitar solo by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck and Mark Knopfler and you’ll hear three very different vibratos.

So what makes one guitarist’s vibrato different to another? There are three ...

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