Guitar arpeggios triads

Guitar Arpeggios Triads

CAGED Shapes

The following guitar arpeggios are triads. Triad arpeggios are made up of three notes and include the notes of the most common chords in western music such as major and minor triads.



Guitar Arpeggios Triads

Three Octave Shapes

Do we need to learn triad arpeggios on the guitar?

Alongside seventh arpeggios, triads are essential learning for any guitarist that wishes to become a developed improvisor or composer.

See my article “Which Arpeggios Should Guitarists Learn?” for a brief discussion on which arpeggios, triads and sevenths, guitarists should learn.

Note: Not all of these arpeggio triad shapes are convenient to perform on the guitar, due to awkward finger. However each permutation is shown here for completeness.

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