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Do guitarists need to wear ear-plugs?

Do guitarists need to wear ear-plugs? If you play in a band, YES you should wear earplugs; plain and simple.

Why do guitarists need to wear ear-plugs?

Because our ears are only built to tolerate a certain amount of noise before they start to become damaged. The damage is usually irreversible.

Many musicians who play in bands become aware that they should wear earplugs quite early on. But many choose to ignore this.

The most common complaint is ‘I can’t ...

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A metronome is mandatory!

A scenario

Young, keen guitarist gets a guitar. He spends time diligently figuring parts out, learning from recordings and magazines. He starts to feel quietly pleased with his progress and looks for ways to improve further. He hears that it’s a good idea to get a metronome so he keenly buys one and heads home to give it a try.

“Hmm… this isn’t very much fun at all… I know how to play this tune ...

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