How to make money as a guitarist – part 1

Making money as a guitarist is very achievable as long as you have taken your guitar playing to an adequate level.

Teaching guitar, performing live and getting booked for ‘sessions’ are probably the most lucrative areas. Even within these fields though there are many options to consider.

This first of two articles on how to make money as a guitarist, focuses on making money through guitar teaching.

Are you good enough ...

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Do guitarists need to wear ear-plugs?

Do guitarists need to wear ear-plugs? If you play in a band, YES you should wear earplugs; plain and simple.

Why do guitarists need to wear ear-plugs?

Because our ears are only built to tolerate a certain amount of noise before they start to become damaged. The damage is usually irreversible.

Many musicians who play in bands become aware that they should wear earplugs quite early on. But many choose to ignore this.

The most common complaint is ‘I can’t ...

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Why learn music theory?

“Why learn music theory? I don’t want to be restricted…”

To the uninitiated, music theory is often thought of as being a set of rules that must be obeyed.

This is not what music theory is about

Music theory is a well-organised system of naming and describing music and how it works. Learning music theory brings meaning to what would otherwise be an anonymous sequence of chords or notes.

Whether a musician plays punk, funk or Paganini, the same names and descriptions apply, and it doesn’t matter ...

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Guitarist envy: “That should be me up there…”

Comparing can be a good thing

Making comparisons between ourselves and other guitarists is very useful in order to progress as musicians. Just about all guitarists have learned from players that they admired. This could be people they knew personally or their rock and roll heroes on old crackly LPs.

We need to identify characteristics, approaches or ‘tricks’ of other players in order to add to our own skillsets. This kind of comparing is healthy and positive.

The dark side

It is very easy, though, for ...

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