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Turn your guitar skills into money

Be a guitar teacher course

Would you like to make an extra $5,000 on the side?

If you play guitar then you have a skill that many people would pay you well to teach them. With the right approach you can easily earn an extra $5,000 on the side, or even develop a full-time career.

Teaching guitar is a good source of income that offers a lot of flexibility. And YOU can do it.

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Am I good enough?

You don’t have to be a world-class guitar player; just competent and willing to learn from the course. A lot of guitar players that bought this course have told me how useful they found it for their own guitar playing – a nice unintended bonus!

What will I learn?

Be A Guitar Teacher teaches you how to prepare, how to market yourself, how to get students, how to keep students coming back, what to teach, how to teach it, how to never run of material, and much more…

Will this course make me money?

I guarantee it. When I first started teaching I made a lot of mistakes. But I made sure that I learned from them. I spent hundreds of hours trying to find the best ways to teach different people the many areas of guitar playing, and how to keep them enjoying the lessons and coming back for more.

Most guitar players that start teaching have to go it alone for years; finding their way by trial and error; losing students and income along the way. That’s what I’ll help you to avoid with this course.

An example

If you charge $40 per lesson and a student comes to you once a week for say 40 weeks in the year, that student is worth $1,600 per year to you. Having four of those students would earn you $6,400 per year; all from the comfort of your own home.

These kind of numbers are not fantasy. I’ve earned a full-time income for 15 years doing exactly what I’ll teach you in this course.

If you put my methods into practice you will be successful. It’s really up to you whether you just want an extra $5,000 on the side or a full-time career teaching guitar.


“Fantastic product; well presented by a very knowledgeable guitarist with a proven track-record.” – Lewis Turner, Lick LIbrary

“I recommend his methods to anyone looking to get started” – Stephen Hubbard, Guitar Skool

“Be a Guitar Teacher is an excellent tool for every musician who wants to take on guitar teaching, even if his/her level is not that high.” – Dareo Saez

“A fabulous course and I highly recommend it to ANY guitarists out there” – Andy Nicholls

“Be A Guitar Teacher will save you time finding the right solution for every type of situation.” – Gianluca Astuti

‘What do I get when I buy Be A Guitar Teacher?’

Be A Guitar Teacher is available in two formats: a 130-page ebook and a 4.5-hour video course. Both versions cover the course fully. The ebook (PDF format) is great for looking up specific solutions, whereas the video version includes a large number of demonstrations, slides and visual explanations.

For a detailed summary at what the course covers, take a look at the contents section of the ebook edition below (the toolbar is at the foot of the window):

Money-back guarantee

Be A Guitar Teacher comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee. You can try my methods out for up to a year, and if you’re not completely happy, just email me and I’ll refund your payment.

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