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How to get in a band

So you’ve been playing guitar for a while and you want to play music with other people. In this article we’ll look at some of the different approaches of how to get in a band.

To start with, there are two fundamental decisions to make:

  • Do you want to play original music or covers?
  • Do you want to start a band of your own or join one that’s already established?

Forming your own original band

Do you already have songs written?

You ought to have some ...

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The gig that never happens

If you’ve been playing guitar for a while the chances are that you’re interested in doing gigs. 

It’s great to get up and perform music in front of people, both from an entertainment point of view and because it’s a landmark in your guitar playing ability.

Whether it’s a solo performance of your own songs with just you and a guitar, or a covers band made up of ...

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How to make money as a guitarist – part 1

Making money as a guitarist is very achievable as long as you have taken your guitar playing to an adequate level.

Teaching guitar, performing live and getting booked for ‘sessions’ are probably the most lucrative areas. Even within these fields though there are many options to consider.

This first of two articles on how to make money as a guitarist, focuses on making money through guitar teaching.

Are you good enough ...

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Guitarist envy: “That should be me up there…”

Comparing can be a good thing

Making comparisons between ourselves and other guitarists is very useful in order to progress as musicians. Just about all guitarists have learned from players that they admired. This could be people they knew personally or their rock and roll heroes on old crackly LPs.

We need to identify characteristics, approaches or ‘tricks’ of other players in order to add to our own skillsets. This kind of comparing is healthy and positive.

The dark side

It is very easy, though, for ...

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