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Hi there! I’ve been a professional guitarist and guitar tutor since 2000 and I’m still trying to get better.

On this site you’ll find articles and tools I hope you’ll find useful, and every scale and arpeggio you could ever want.

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Music theory - Chords in Keys for Android and iOS

Music theory app

Get Music Theory – Chords in Keys for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, and improve your musicianship even whilst away from your instrument.

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Be A Guitar Teacher course

Be A Guitar Teacher

My complete course on how to turn your guitar skills into money and build a successful guitar teaching business.

Guitar articles

Articles for guitarists

Guitar articles I’ve written on all aspects of performing, learning, teaching guitar, musicianship, improvising and more.

Notation Trainer, sight reading app

Sight reading app

Notation Trainer for Android generates perfectly tailor-made sight-reading exercises for you to perform on your instrument.

Guitar Fretboard Trainer Android App

Guitar Fretboard Trainer

For your Android devices. Train yourself to know instinctively where every note is on the entire fretboard.

Guitar scales

Guitar scales

Every guitar scale you will ever need. All beautifully arranged for you to use, print or download. Every position, every shape, CAGED & three-notes-per-string.

Guitar arpeggios

Guitar arpeggios

Every arpeggio you could ever want to learn in every position. All beautifully arranged for you to use, print or download free.

Recommended reading for guitarists

Recommended reading for guitarists

My recommended reading list for guitarists covers many areas of musicianship, learning, guitar playing, performing and life as a musician.

Blank tab paper

Blank tab paper

Blank tab paper PDFs in A4 and US Letter sizes. Perfectly proportioned and ready to print straight from your browser or download to your desktop!

Guitar practice calculator

Guitar practice calculator

Use this tool to set targets for those all-important practice hours and produce weekly and daily quotas for your practice regime.

Online metronome

Online metronome

If you can’t find your metronome, use mine! An essential tool for any serious guitarist. See some of my articles for more on the importance of timing.