Skype music theory lessons

Skype music theory lessons are available with me, whatever your instrument.

All you need is a device with a webcam, a good internet connection and to have Skype installed on your computer or tablet.

How do Skype music theory lessons work?

The teaching of music theory is all about the mechanics of music.

For this reason it’s important that each area of music theory that is covered, is immediately put into the real world of music. I therefore recommend having an appropriate instrument to hand during the lessons.

You won’t be asked to give a performance, simply to follow my directions at the appropriate points in the lessons.

Is any instrument suitable for use in Skype music theory lessons?

Unless you’re only interested in learn about rhythm, it should be a tuned instrument and ideally one that you can play chords on.

If you are a guitarist then a guitar is ideal. If you are not a guitarist then having a keyboard available would be beneficial.

You do not need to have advanced piano skills. It will simply be used to put the music theory into practice.

What material do you cover in Skype music theory lessons?

I’ve written well over 1000 pages of exercises, explanations, case studies and examples of theory in action. Each piece of material will be emailed to you during the lesson itself as we progress.

Over time you’ll accumulate a well-organised folder of material to work from and use as a reference.

Some aspects of music theory are best learned by developing the concept gradually on the page. Sometimes you will therefore need to carry out some basic pen and paper work. Again this will be directed clearly and simply as and when required.

What are benefits of Skype music theory lessons?

  • Far more engaging than working from music theory text book alone.
  • Efficient use of time as no travel required.
  • You learn from the comfort of your own home.
  • PDFs of music theory material can be instantly sent during the lessons.
  • Receive instant feedback on making practical use of music theory during lessons.
  • Makes lessons possible where location would otherwise make lessons impossible.

How do I book my first Skype music theory lesson?

If you’d like to take Skype music theory lessons from me, send me a message using the contact form.

Please provide a brief summary of what you have covered so far, if anything, and what you would like to achieve.

You can install Skype on your device by visiting the Skype website.

If you haven’t already done so, you can purchase my music theory app ‘Music Theory – Chords in Keys’ from Google Play, Amazon and iTunes.