Skype guitar lessons

Skype guitar lessons

Skype guitar lessons are ideal if you can’t make it to west London in person. All you need is a webcam, a good internet connection, and of course you need to install Skype on your computer or device.

How do you give teaching material during Skype guitar lessons?

I’ve written thousands of pages of teaching material covering technique, musical vocabulary, rhythm reading, approaches to improvising, case studies, solos and music theory.

All of this is emailed to you during the Skype guitar lessons themselves.

This way you build up a well-organised body of high quality material to work from. I find this is an invaluable component of good guitar tuition.

The benefits of regular Skype guitar lessons

  • Skype guitar lessons are tailored to the individual.
  • Skype guitar lessons are two-way, as oppose to watching a youtube guitar lesson.
  • There is no travel involved; you learn from the comfort of your home.
  • PDFs of material are instantly emailed as required during the lessons themselves.
  • You receive instant feedback on tasks attempted and how to make improvements.
  • Skype guitar lessons are possible when geography would make in-person guitar lessons impossible.

Can you teach technique during Skype guitar lessons?

Yes. Although it’s preferable to see someone in person, most technique issues are relatively clear to identify. This includes thumb placement, efficiency of movement, if the pick movement is generated by the finger, hand or forearm, etc.

Once identified, technique issues can then be address with the appropriate set of exercises and clear instructions.

Do you use any other platform than Skype for guitar lessons?

I find Skype to be one of the best and most widely used platforms. If you have a preference for something else, just let me know and I’ll take a look into it.

To install Skype on your device visit the Skype website.

If you’d like to take Skype guitar lessons from me

Drop me a message using the contact form.

Tell me a bit about your current level and what you would like to achieve and we’ll go from there.