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About me

HI there! So what can I tell you about me…?

Well, I began learning guitar as most of us do, locked away in a bedroom, learning from recordings of guitarists and artists I admired.

I was fortunate to have an ok musical ear. So although I was clueless about how music worked, I wasn’t too bad at figuring out guitar parts with a bit of work. After a brief proper job I realised that music was really what I wanted to do.

I moved to London to study music and by the time I’d finished, I discovered that I had become full-time guitarist and guitar teacher.

Taking up music was one of the best decisions of my life, and I feel very lucky to have been able to choose this path.

My music education

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to have had some truly wonderful music mentors and guitar teachers. They’ve all taught me a great deal (and kicked my ass in their own unique ways!), for which I will always be very grateful.

Live performance

As a guitarist I’ve now performed many hundreds of gigs around the UK; in a wide range of sometimes bizarre settings.

Two memorable ones were: a 7am gig on a Harrods open top bus in central London; and another where I was balanced precariously on the roof of Basildon House in a DayGlo pink safety harness, playing the national anthem!

My guitar teaching

Guitar tuition londonTeaching guitar is a large part of my life. It’s not something I do grudgingly to get by. Guitar teaching is a great career and a fulfilling part of my life. It’s also an ongoing opportunity for me to put my own techniques and knowledge under the microscope.

I’ve taught a very wide range of guitar skills to many hundreds guitarists of all levels, and I also taught courses for The Academy of Music and Sound.

Since I began teaching guitar professionally I’ve written several thousand pages of material covering many different aspects of guitar playing and performing. If you’re interested in taking lessons from me, just drop me a quick email.

If you’re interested in making a living as a guitar teacher, or just earning a bit extra on the side, then try my video course over at In it you’ll learn everything that I’ve learned about how to make a good living teaching guitar.

Guitar articles

PRS article main imageI’ve written many articles about learning, performing and teaching the guitar, which you can read on my articles page.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about anything on this site, I’d be delighted to hear from you. Just drop me an email through my contact page.

Gear I usually use on gigs

Fender StratocasterGuitar

My 1990s Fender Stratocaster with Kinman noiseless Woodstock pickups.

I’ve had a lot of work done to it over the years, so it’s really a bit of a ‘Frankencaster’.

The pick ups are wired to allow neck and bridge together for Telecaster-esque sound.

Tone control T2 acts as volume control for neck pick up (but in reverse: 0 = full on, 10 = off!), tone control T1 acts as master tone control.

Bogner Alchemist 112Amplifier

Bogner Alchemist 112. A great little amp; I love it. I use both the clean and crunch channel (set so signal is only just breaking up).

It weighs something like 30kg, which means I get a mini-workout every gig.

… thanks for that Bogner.

Stuart Bahn pedalboardPedalboard

I’m not massively into pedals.

I’ve ended up with this little collection through fixing what I see as little problems with my sound on gigs; needing a little more punch for single note clean parts; needing a touch of gain sometimes but not full-on crunch, etc.

The EP Booster and SP Compressor (both set quite low) are always on.

Signal chain

MXR MC404 Wah –> Xotic SP Compressor –> Xotic EP Booster –> TC Electronic Polytune 2 –>  Xotic RC Booster –> Boss SD-1 –> Boss FV500H Volume Pedal –> Bogner Alchemist 112 (built-in reverb, delay and boost).

D'Addario strings


D’Addario .0095 .0115 .016 .026 .036 .046

Yes, a pack of 9.5s as they’re known. I ended up here after snapping too many 9s, and not wanting to go back to 10s.

Hardly any brands make them. Fortunately D’Addario do.


Medium Pointed Lite Emerald Green.

I’ve been hooked on these V-picks since being introduced me to them a few years back.

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